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“Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace”


Effective end-time ministry requires a commitment to the Biblical principles set forth by early Christians. It also necessitates a radical commitment to surpass the status quo. In order to assist the Body of Christ with these modern-day challenges, Apostle Otis L. Carswell birthed Potter's House Fellowship Alliance (PFA) in 1997, during a "paradigm shift" within his local church. The purpose of Potter’s House Fellowship Alliance is to provide spiritual covering, support and covenant fellowship among non denominational and denominational Pastors, Five-Fold Ministers, businesses and churches who desire to build the Kingdom of God, through the Spirit of unity. PFA desires to train, equip and encourage ministers and ministry leaders for the perfecting of saints, the work of the ministry and the edifying of the Body of Christ. PFA is not a "denomination," nor does it legally bind its members. It does not seek to be an instrument of ecclesiastical restraint in the sense of diminishing the member church or the ministry's unique existence, but rather to augment and enhance the individual calling and vision of the members. Unlike traditional alliances, the PFA ministries are equal and yet, uniquely different in each one's pursuit of fulfilling their God-ordained purpose. The joining together of likeminded leaders can only contribute to the strength and effectiveness of the Body of Christ in the 21st Century. As we occupy the land until the return of Christ, we are fortified by the Spirit of God in unity to build Christian believers as we also reach nonbelievers through PFA ministries.



  • To provide spiritual covering                                                I Corinthians 4:14-15
  • To train and develop God's people                                      Joshua 1:8
  • To reconcile man back to God                                             II Corinthians 5:17-20
  • To provide an atmosphere of love                                        I Corinthians 13
  • To provide a haven for five-fold, businesses/churches      I Samuel  22:23
  • To provide covenant fellowship for God's people               Psalm 133
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