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Msgr Annette Carswell


Messenger Annette Carswell, often affectionately known as “MAC,” is a woman of God who is focused and assured of her end-time purpose! Having had a true encounter with the Holy Spirit, she was changed when she heard a message that spoke to the prophetic promises God made to His people. Since then, she has relentlessly sought to manifest those very promises by offering every gift she possesses back to the Lord. Having been trained in the Potter’s House Ministries School of Ministry, along with countless additional studies she continues to pursue hard after the God of her salvation.

Messenger Annette holds the office of First Assistant to her husband Bishop Otis L. Carswell and serves in their local ministry Potter’s House Ministries where they are Co-Founders since 1993. Both Bishop and Messenger are founders of several national and international ministries that serve as cutting edge, kingdom ministries overseeing men and women of God in the United Stated and abroad.

Building the Body of Christ is a priority of this woman of God! As an author she has written over fifty (50) training curriculums for leaders, women, and the general Christian population. As a gifted orator she prophetically conveys the Lord’s heart through the preaching of His word with a sensitivity and passion that is life changing. Msgr. Carswell, is also an artist, and has produced and written talented productions that have inspired all who attend.

She is also the Founder and Director of MAC Ministries; her personal apostolic & prophetic ministry; formed in 1998 after a God inspired word where she received her prophetic title “Messenger.” This end time ministry equips those in pursuit of their God ordained purpose. In the fall of 2007, Messenger received what she believes to be her true “life calling.” It was then the Lord unction her to pronounce, and then orchestrate a global call for “REFORMATION” within the body of Christ. This last day mandate is to ensure God’s people are not only prepared for the second coming of Christ, but are able to properly discern the times while equipped to refute the disparaging influences of the social, economic, and government systems of our times. Since accepting this call, Messenger believes that she has received more revelation from the Lord than in her entire 25 years of knowing Him!

Messenger Annette Carswell-She is a Prophet, a wife, a Kingdom mother, and woman of God who is called to incite God’s people to fulfill their Kingdom purpose! We have no doubt that this Vessel will manifest both apostolic and prophetic authority with demonstration of power through the Holy Spirit. You won’t be disappointed with this Kingdom leader.

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