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Potter’s House Fellowship Alliance understands the need for Kingdom believers to be fully furnished in their training and Christian beliefs. Consider joining us in our educational training as we delve into multiple areas of study such as Christian Apologetics, Biblical Hermeneutics, The Kingdom of God, Five Fold Ministry, Servant Leadership, and much more.

Your life will be enriched as you capture the words of Jesus and other biblical writers who prepared the believer to reign in the Church Age and Kingdom dominion. Each module becomes a stepping stone of learning that will launch you into greater knowledge and awareness of the God you serve and the beliefs needed to fulfill His will in your life!

Please contact us at PFABRAD@aol.com to secure an application or Click on the paypal button below to pay your application fee/tuition. 

Our new semester begins January 2013


Course Outline & Description

Phase Listings                                                            Course Description

Phase I                                               

Biblical Foundation

The Biblical Foundation courses give the student a firm foundation on which to build his/her ministry.  It is biblical principles every believer should understand and become responsible for.  After completing the courses in this phase the student will have a good understanding of what he/she believes and will be able to explain to someone why he/she believes what he/she believes.  Also offered in this Phase is the much needed topic of spiritual warfare and its purpose in a leader’s ministry.


Module 1. Purpose                                                                 

Module 2. The Kingdom of God                                               

Module 3. Faith                                                                         

Module 4. Repentance                                                            

Module 5. Water Baptism                                                        

Module 6. Baptism in the Holy Spirit                                                                                                              

Module 7. Covenant                                                               

Module 8. Life in the Covenant Community                            

Module 9. Mission of the Covenant Community 

Module 10. Stewardship  

Module 11. Serving and Honoring 

Module 12. Spiritual Warfare                                                   


Phase II.

Character Development

The Character Development Phase is an exposition of what characteristics are a must for all end-time leaders.  Students will learn proper character traits and become acclimated with the concepts of a “Servant Leader.”  This Phase also provides training in positive communication skills and the day-to-day implementation of these important skills.

Module 1. Nehemiah Leadership Profile                                                                    

Module 2. Character                                                                       

Module 3. Communication                                                          

Phase III

Leadership Development

The courses offered in this Phase will afford the student the opportunity to learn more about his/her perspective callings and receive vital information that will assist with identifying the varied seasons of ministry. 

Module 1. Jesus on Leadership                                                       

Module 2. Calling                                                                            

Module 3. Vision & Season                                                             

Phase IV

Ministry Development

As the student becomes aware of the various realms of leadership this Phase exposes the student to the awesome leadership responsibilities and much needed maturity of those called to the Five Fold Offices.  This presentation illustrates the role each Office holds in end time ministry. The student is also introduced to the difference of General Leadership verses Five Fold Leadership.


Module 1. Intro to Five Fold                                                               

Module 2. Presentation of   Five Fold Offices                                                                           


Phase V

Sermon and Pulpit Development

Students will learn the fundamentals of sermon preparation and have the opportunity to present the Word of God.  Drills and other like methods are used to assist the leader with developing structure and discipline, while ministering in the pulpit.  This exciting course also outlines various ceremonies such as Weddings, and Funerals.

Module 1. Preaching Skills/Sermon                                             

Module 2. Pulpit & Ministry Skills                                                  

Module 3. Conducting Ceremonies                                              


Potter’s House Fellowship  Alliance

School of Ministry

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Educating the Mind,

Nourishing the Spirit, & Disciplining the Soul through Kingdom Study





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